The Community

Muxie Distributing is proud of its responsibilities and involvement within the community, and are involved in the following corporate and individual social responsibility activities:

  • Established the Bruno “Muxie” Paolina Memorial Scholarship at Bellaire St. John High School
  • Founding Member of Irish Youth Sports, Inc., an organization devoted the youth education and sporting activities, with annual volunteer projects and donations made by Muxie Distributing, its owners and employees.
  • Donations made to Ohio Valley organizations that focus on the needs of the community and the children of the community (Ohio Valley Christian Soldiers, Family Services, United Way, OVAC etc….)
  • Members of Team Muxie volunteer at fundraisers for various organizations (IYS Steak Fest, Clean Up Community Campaign etc…)
  • Active Board members of several local non-profit organizations
  • As a part of our environmental responsibility, Muxie donates recycling canisters for local events throughout the year, as well as committed resources to a riverbank clean-up project.

Muxie Distributing also promotes social responsibility through the following programs:

AB Family Talk

Budweiser Designate a Driver Program

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